Day Out In London


Hey Guys!
Man it has been a busy week. Christmas shopping, bonfire night, work. This week has been very full on. On top of all that, i spent all day on Friday up in London Christmas shopping. Me and my mum decided last week that we needed a girly shopping day, just the two of us. My mum is a big fan of girly days out. Normally every couple of months we head off somewhere just the two of us, or with my sister (mum and Alice do the same without me as well). But we haven’t had a day like this since before we went in holiday, in June. It was well overdue.
It was a really nice day out. We got the train up as we normally do and headed straight to Harrods when we arrived. It is a sort of tradition of ours. As soon as we get to London we go to Harrods and buy around a £10 to £15 bag of chocolates to eat on our way home.


After that, we took the bus round to Oxford Street. I love shopping in London. Thay have so much more variety then Brighton. We went round to Selfridges first and got a spot of lunch. We ordered panni but when we sat Dow  to eat them they where cold…..really odd. I also found an out of date bottle of coke. Like really out of date. It was more then a little off putting. It is safe to say we may give them a miss next time.


However, they did redeem themselves slightly. After eating our bazaar lunch, we found Christmas. I got very excited. This was the first proper Christmas department that I have been in so far this year. It took a lot of restraint not to buy everything. We ended up spending nearly an hour in there lol.

20151106_135737 20151106_135718 20151106_13561420151106_13565120151106_135641

After that we spent most of the day shopping in Oxford Street. I can’t tell you what I brought, mainly because everything I got where Christmas presents. At around five we walked round to Covent Garden for dinner. We had a quick wander around the covered market and a few stores before heading off to dinner. We didn’t have anything fancy. Just a Pizza Express.
After dinner we decided it was time to head back to Victoria. So we jumped on a bus and rode the whole way to the station. Going the whole length of Oxfor Street was actually really nice. We where on the top deck so we got to see everything. Particularly, the Christmas decorations. When we had bee  shopping during the day all of the light a had been off. So going down on the bus was really nice

20151106_184215 20151106_184532 20151106_18480520151106_184525 20151106_184245

I had a really nice day out. I got pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done. I may try and go up to London again before Christmas. See it in all its Christmas glory. I will see you all again soon


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