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All of you that follow my blog on a regular basis, will have seen that yesterday I spent my day in Brighton, Christmas shopping. Naturally, I ended up buying myself some stuff as well. I had to show a lot of restraint while shopping due to the fact that everywhere had a lot of stuff that I really liked and I am not really meant to be buying myself things at the moment. this is mainly because it is coming up to Christmas, so people are buying me things (my sister gave me a 20 minute lecture last week for ordering a book but she had also ordered for me for Christmas) and also because I am, unsuccessfully, trying to save money . But, anyway, I thought I would share with you the items that I did by myself. The majority of what I brought a voice from Primark, but there were also a few items from other stores. so here we go

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The first item that I picked up a pair of jeans. Very ordinary, plain black, skinny jeans. Generally speaking, I really like Primark jeans. I find them really good value for money. For me it makes no difference if I spend £10 or £40 on a pair of jeans. They will last the same amount of time. I was in desperate need of some jeans. Having dropped 2 and a half dress sizes this year, most of my jeans are now way too big for me. One of the only pair that still fit well, have holes in the knees, so aren’t particularly practical for this time of year. So I picked up a pair of must have black skinnies, great value it’s only £10.


The next thing that I picked up was a kaki jumper. Until this year, I haven’t really been a jumper fan. I usually prefer hoodies. But this year I have been loving jumpers. Over the last few months I have bought myself about a dozen jumpers and when I saw this one I just fell in love with it. I absolutely adore the colour. It is a very simple design and not too thick material. It also has adorable little buttons on the shoulder that just add a little something to the jumper. It was only £6, which is brilliant.


Next I picked up one of their essential white t-shirts. I brought this mainly to wear under jumpers and my work shirt. Generally speaking I normally wear a tank top of some description. But as it is getting colder I feel like I need just a little bit more coverage especially under my work shirt. It is bloody freezing at work lately. Besides it was only £2.80, so if I end up not wearing it, it isn’t the end of the world.


Also from Primark I bought myself a really simple black snood. I love scarves but I can’t wear woollen ones. I just get way too hot. So when I saw this one I just had to get it. It is really thin, lightweight material. Not so thin that you will still be cold but not thick enough to make you sweat. and for only £3, I wish I’d picked up another one in a different colour

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Next I picked up an adorable little hat. I love hats, but they do not love me lol. I have to be very careful with what hats I wear. A lot just do not suit me. But I think that this one does. It is a really cute, grey, black and white checked pattern, with a thick cuff at the base. it goes really well with my new snood and was also only £3


The final item that I picked up for myself from Primark where some gloves. I am a huge fan of fingerless gloves. Having a smartphone they are a must have. They are just really simple. A black pair and a great pair. 2 for £1 brilliant.


That was everything that I got from Primark. But I also went into h and m as well, where I picked up a really nice cardigan. H&M are brilliant at thin, open knit cardigans. I have a couple in this design but I couldn’t resist getting another one. The one I picked up is dark grey with white speckles. it was about £8 and perfect for wearing to work


Next I popped into HMV and picked up a copy of Arthur Christmas. I was amazed yesterday when I realised but I didn’t own a copy of it. So I decided to pick it up. I was also very pleased when I learnt that it was on offer for just £2.99 when you brought anything else in store. This made me very happy indeed.


Finally, I went into the body shop and finally got my hands one of their glazed apple hand creams. I fell in love with this Christmas fragrance last year, but couldn’t get it anywhere. I was so happy when I heard that they were bringing it back this year. It cost me £4 and will last me for the whole festive season.

So that’s it. I also got a lot of Christmas presents during my trip. And I saw a lot that I may well end up buying. But I will keep you posted. I will see you all again soon.


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