Christmas Shopping In Brighton


Hey guys!

I am exhausted! Today I started my Christmas shopping with a trip to Brighton. I always try to get all of my Christmas shopping done as early as I can, so since I have this week off work I decide it’s a perfect time to get a head start.


I have a vague list of what I needed to buy, and I’m actually surprised by how much I did manage to get. I knew from the off that some of the items that I need to get, I wouldn’t find in Brighton it but as it is only November, and as I am most likely going up to London on Friday, I wasn’t too bothered by this.

I had however, forgotten quite how much I hate Christmas shopping. I left home at about 9:30 and didn’t get back until nearly 4. It has been a long day. I spent most at fighting my way around shops and being boiled alive.

The only time that I sat down throughout the whole day, was while I was eating lunch. Which incidentally was incredibly awkward. I forgot how much I hate eating alone in public. The paranoid part of my brain was convinced that everyone around was staring at me. I ended up eating as fast as I could and getting out of there as soon as possible lol.


However, considering I went to buy Christmas presents, I actually ended up buying a lot of stuff myself (there is a haul post coming ASAP). It was actually quiet frustrating for me, because everywhere had a lot of stuff that I really liked, but I’m not allowed to buy much for myself at the moment. This is mainly because it’s coming up to Christmas but also because I’m trying to save money. I am proud of myself though. All Things Considered I only spent about £35 on myself

But now I am completely shattered so I’m going to call it a day and go to bed, possibly to sleep for a whole year. I will see you all again soon, or when I finish hibernating.

(sorry for the crap photo quality, i forgot to take my camera with me)


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