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October Reads


Hey Guys!

I have decided to start a series of posts. At the end of each month i will be doing a post about all the books that i have read during that month and what i thought of them. It will be a review of sorts, but more personal. It will be a take on monthly favorites, only far more specific. If i manage to maintain this series, I may also start similar posts for the shows that i have been watching, music that i am listening to, clothes i have been loving, and so on. But, for now, here are my October Reads.

I am going to start off my warning you that there may be some spoilers about the books in this. I will to limit this, but, the warning is there.

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The Beastly Tales By M.J Haag

Depravity, Deceit and Devastation

these are actually a trilogy, only available as an eBook. Through amazon, the first book, Depravity, was completely free, the other two books, Deceit and Devastation, where around £2.50 each. Amazing value for such a nice trilogy.

This series is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Depravity follows the main character, Benella, as she struggles to fit in with those in her village. Preferring to scrounge in the forest then conform to societies ideal, she wanders around the walls of the Beats estate daily in the hopes of finding food or items to sell so that her family may eat. With two selfish sisters taking advantage of her and generally thinking only of themselves, Benella starts spending more and more time away from the house. This creates problems in itself, as by avoiding her home, she accidentally learns information about one of her fellow villagers and is forced to seek refuge with the Beast.

As you move through the trilogy you witness Benella go from fearing the Beast, to loving him unconditionally. At the same time you watch the Beast go from being angry and uncaring, thinking only of his own gratification, to being kind, caring and sweet. But this lovely retelling also tackles a lot of tough subjects. Especially those regarding women. The tale is set in a very different time, when women where still seen as homemakers and possessions of their husband or father. Throughout the series subjects such as prostitution, rape and unwed mothers are all tackled. This causes the trilogy to be very well rounded.

However, a word of warning. As the story progresses it takes on a very, for lack of a better term, Fifty Shades Of Grey, feel. I was not expecting this. Although this does add a new aspect to a classic story, at times it can feel a little forced and unnecessary. Thankfully this aspect of the books inst to graphic, unlike some stories, but at times, given the context of a situation, it can be slightly disturbing.

But all in all, this trilogy is well worth a read for any fairy tale/Disney lover. I am yet to find a Beauty and the Beast retelling that i have as much as this one, it is a shame that it is only an eBook.



Hidden Series by Colleen Vanderlinden

Lost Girl

My sister brought me this one and the next in the series for my birthday back in July. The books are part of the Hidden Series.

Lost Girl follows Molly as she uncovers who she really is. We watch as her powers develop and as she finally realizes that she is not alone.

I like the premise of this book and i love Molly’s character and attitude but, i feel like the book is very rushed. This is especially apparent with Molly and Nain’s relationship. I think that they make an amazing pairing, but, i just couldn’t appreciate them together as it just felt as if Vanderlinden was trying to just get them together as quickly as possible. And then once they where together it wasn’t slowed down. Everything happened at a dizzying pace. I get that the whole story holds the theme of time running out, but i feel that it was over rushed.

Although, saying that, i will be reading the next installment and possibly the whole series. It can be very rare to find a supernatural biased story with a female lead that doesn’t depict her as needing rescuing. A damsel in distress.And this was one. It was also nice that Molly’s relationship[ with Nain wasn’t the complete focus of the book. Molly was.



Harry Potter by J K Rowling

1, 2 and 3

I re-read the first three Potters, again, this month. As always, I absolutely adored them. I wont bother reviewing them here, as we will be here all night, and also, basically everyone know them. I might do a dedicated Potter post at some point, let me know what you think. Is that something that you would like to see?



The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

The Awakening

This was also actually a re-read for me. I read this one about four years ago, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember whether i liked it or not. So i decided to re-read it and see……and I still can’t decide. I am really torn with this one. Having both read the book and watched the show, I had very conflicting ideas about the book. In my head, as i was reading, I pictured the actors from the show. Which obviously, meant that the book felt slightly disorientated. But, if you can get past that, it is an okay read. Personally i found the book a little unthoughtout, if that makes sense. Some of the story lines just didn’t flow very well and at times some of the characters seemed to conflict with personality traits that had already been laid out for them. I may well be being influenced by my experiences with the show, because it has such deep backstories, i don’t know. All i can say is, if you plan to read the books, don’t watch the show. I will only be reading the next book in the series and only because i already own it (the first and second came as one edition).



And that’s it. I haven’t read much this month. I usually read more. I am currently half way through Sister Red, Poison and Grave Minder, (i am very indecisive)

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of it. What are you currently reading? I hope to see you all again very soon.


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